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Here is a Message from Pastor Dan:

We worshiped on Sunday at the home of Evangelist Teijram and his wife Janubai and their lovely family. People filled the courtyard and watched from neighboring rooftops. Shared God’s Word on the Baptism of Jesus and how we are to listen to Him today in His Word. Three people received Jesus as their Savior and a number of healings took place. One young woman had not been able to speak but God loosed her vocal chords and she spoke for the first time. Another woman who’d suffered from fear and bad dreams being plagued by an evil spirit had the Spirit of God fall on her. She collapsed and laid still for a very long time. When she awoke she was free and full of joy praising God. In our teaching time in Isaiah, we confessed our sins and asked God our Father and our Potter to reshape us in 2018. In addition to our Reaching the Unreached evangelists, 30 disciples came for our meetings and teaching - the most ever! Praise God

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