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Mission to Mississippi

This is a group of Christians from Minnesota and Nebraska, started by a pastor and group from North Dakota. Our group donates our time and talents to go to Greenville, MS. We work with Revel's United Methodist Church to choose homes that need renovating. We write grants, and collect donations for a year in order to get enough money to come to MS and rehab houses. We ask that the family whose home we are working on work with us. This is God's Work, with Our Hands! Our groups are encouraged by pastors, but led by our carpenters!  Our team has grown, as has the amount of repairs and the money that we have spent. It is amazing when we look at the 33 people with different personalities, gifts and experiences can live in close, hard working situations, and still respect and laugh with each other! God is Good!!! (Partial Excerpt from Mission to Mississippi Facebook Group)

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