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What God does FOR YOU

Last year, on Wednesday nights during Lent, we focused on the Ten Commandments.  The Commandments are the Law.  They were given by God Himself to Moses to give to the Hebrew people. They tell us what we should and should not do in our relationships with God and with other people.  

In the first three Commandments, we hear what God wants from us in our relationship with Him.  God is concerned about what you say, what you hear, and especially what you believe or trust.

The remaining seven Commandments relate to our relationships with other people, such as our parents, children, siblings, spouses, and neighbors. While these Commandments may limit the harm we do to others, ultimately, they show us how we fail to fear, love, and trust God as we should.

When we’re honest, the Ten Commandments will cause us to make a confession: I can’t produce this.  The thing the Commandments require is faith–and I can’t produce that myself! 

So this Lent, we will focus on the next part of the Small Catechism, which is the Apostles’ Creed. In the Creed, we learn what God does for you, a sinner.  Our God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, not only creates you and gives you everything you need, but rescues you from sin and makes you holy with His Word.  This is the faith we confess in the Creed.

Join us on Wednesday nights in Lent as we hear what God has done for you.

Grace and peace to you,

Pastor Raleigh


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